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As time marches on, so does the technology used to provide high quality dental care. At Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, we make it a point to stay up to date with the latest discoveries in the field, adopting new methods and technologies in a way to make our treatments more precise, comfortable, and efficient than ever before. If you want to meet with one of our skilled dentists or would like a firsthand look at some of the benefits that the advanced dental services and technology at our Frisco, Texas dental office can offer, get in touch with our dental team today and set up your next appointment.

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We can find many warning signs of tooth decay, oral cancer, and other oral health problems just by looking in your mouth, but what about the issues hidden underneath the teeth and gums? Digital X-rays are an invaluable part of your treatment. By using digital technology instead of film, we won’t need to rely on a dark room or wait for hours before the images develop; we can also lower the radiation exposure by up to 80%, making the process safer for children and adults.


Sometimes it’s hard to get a clear picture of what’s going on in your mouth just from the dentist’s descriptions. Ever wish you could see the problem for yourself? An intraoral camera lets us show you exactly what we’ve found on your teeth and gums through high-resolution images on a conveniently placed monitor. Whenever we need to talk about worrisome symptoms or the type of treatment you might need, we can show you exactly what we’re talking about so that you can make well-informed oral healthcare decisions.


It's very important to be able to see all aspects of your oral cavity. You cannot properly view wisdom teeth, bone structure, root structure, TMJ etc without a great high definition panoramic X-ray. Cephalometric X-rays are great for seeing if you have a dental protrusion or retrusion of your front teeth. These are all tools your Orthodontist will use to create your perfect orthodontic treatment plan. 


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