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Our dentists are incentivized to help you prevent the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future. We do this by treating small cavities before they become a large problem. Dental decay takes a long time to grow so if you treat early and help in prevention than your dental visits will go a lot smoother and pain free! 

Preventive Dentistry

Dental problems aren’t always immediately obvious; many of them will develop very subtly, to the point that the average person probably won’t even recognize the earliest warning signs. No matter how old you are, you should have a diagnostic checkup and professional cleaning performed at least twice every year so that we can find and address any concerning symptoms quickly. Our talented hygienist will then clean and polish your teeth, ridding them of the plaque and bacteria that contribute to tooth decay.


Some teeth are harder to clean and that's why we recommend dental sealants on the posterior teeth. These back teeth have large grooves that are hard to clean, especially for younger patients. Dental sealants flow into the grooves and make it more difficult for bacteria to seep into the tiny little crevices of our teeth. 

Dental sealants can potentially save our patients from needing extensive dental work in the future. 


Years of dental research has shown fluoride to be highly beneficial to smiles of all ages. Children who receive plenty of fluoride will have stronger teeth and fewer cavities. However, if you and your loved ones mainly drink bottled water, you may not be getting as much fluoride as you would from tap water. To ensure that your children’s teeth are getting the support they need, we can provide professional fluoride applications as needed during a regular checkup and cleaning.


A dental night guard is a great way to protect your teeth from grinding at night. Many of us do not notice that we may be clenching and grinding. A night guard may not stop this from happening but it will definitely protect your teeth from further damage. 


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