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may 30th, 2020

oral health

You probably dragged your feet into the bathroom this morning to do your daily brush and floss before work. When you wiped the sleep from your eyes, you saw the frayed toothbrush bristles and a slightly yellow-tinted handle, and in a panic, tried to remember when the last time you purchased new oral hygiene supplies. It’s time for spring cleaning anyways, so your next room to clear out will definitely be your bathroom. Your oral health in Frisco is important to you, but you notice you need to be better about figuring out when to replace these items, but how do you know?


The most basic and important step to maintaining your best smile is to make sure to attend your semi-annual cleanings and checkups with your dentist in Frisco. If you experience any pain, your dentist can catch the small problems before they turn into big ones. They have the tools to thoroughly clean plaque and tartar buildup from under your gum line to prevent concerns like infections, gum disease, and tooth decay.

In addition to your checkups, it’s important to establish a regular oral hygiene routine of brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing your mouth with antibacterial wash you can find in the stores. By doing this, you are keeping harmful bacteria at bay and your smile healthy and clean.


After this morning’s run-in with your mangled toothbrush, you’ve probably been wondering when you need to replace it. Some good pointers on replacing it are:

When you are sick
If it has frayed bristles
When the colors on your bristles have started to fade
After every three months
Replacing your toothbrush is important because you don’t want to use a bacteria-ridden tool to clean your teeth and mouth. It’s important to rinse it after every use to get rid of bacteria that leftover grime.

So how do you remember to make the change before it gets too bad? It’s a good idea to keep a few extra toothbrushes or new heads (if you have an electric one) around your house in case you notice yours is starting to look a little worn. You can also set a reminder in your phone to change it before your dental checkups and cleanings.


You may find an expiration date on your tube of toothpaste or your mouthwash container. They don’t work the same way as expired milk. If you’re rummaging through your bathroom and find an unused tube of toothpaste that you forgot about, it won’t be dangerous to use. The expiration date is given to let you know when active ingredients tend to degrade and not work as effectively. With toothpaste, the fluoride won’t stick to your teeth as well as a new tube would, and it won’t properly fight plaque.

For mouth rinse, it usually expires a few years after the manufacture date. While it contains active ingredients like alcohol or antiseptic, it also has a ton of water in it. After a couple of years, the antiseptic that helps fight off bacteria will start to dissolve and your mouth wash will mainly be water, making it significantly less effective.

It’s a good idea to go through your oral hygiene cabinet every spring cleaning season to clear out and replace any products you need to. This will ensure that your teeth are taken care of and you’re not wasting your time using products that aren’t doing what they’re supposed to. Ask your dentist for any suggestions on products that would be best suited for your mouth and tips about preventive techniques that could enhance your smile.


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