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When selecting  locations for our clinics, we ensured it was accessible and conveniently located from our local major roads.

Thrive Dental and Orthodontics - Frisco

Dentistry and Orthodontics

When searching for a Dentist and Orthodontist in Frisco, TX, look no further than Thrive Dental and Orthodontics.

At Thrive we provide dental and orthodontic services for patients as young as 6 months to as mature as 99 years old! 

Whether you just need a routine cleaning or many crowns and extractions…we got you covered.

You and your family can get dental and orthodontic work done at the same time, in an office you love and at an affordable price!

Come experience the Thrive Difference in Frisco, TX.

Check out our reviews in Frisco!

Vanessa D.
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Thrive Dental's business model should be implemented by all dental practices. They offer incentives to assist in your dental maintenance and a variety of financing options. Their prices are not only competitive, but more reasonable than any other dentist I have found throughout the years.

Luismauri A.
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My experience at this dentist office was absolutely outstanding. Right from the beginning, Paige greeted me with a warm smile and provided exceptional service. She made sure I was comfortable throughout, and her cheerful demeanor definitely helped keep me awake and at ease!

Bella B.
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I have been taking my daughter here since her first visit to the dentist and we love it here. Salam is great with her cleanings and every dentist (recently Dr Cao and assistant Dani) we have seen has been kind and compassionate. We highly recommend them for pediatric care.

Monal J.
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Definitely recommend! My daughter needed a consultation for braces. We called them up, found an available spot, then done! Service is also very quick and easy. The staff were very kind, and understandable.

Brandi C.
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This place , I cannot say enough good things about the facility the staff everyone is amazing !! The care they give my family is outstanding ! Highly recommend . Paige and Salam were awesome at getting my little guys set up and Dr. Cao took great care of us as well !!

Dee T.
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Dr. Cao did my exam and she is super thorough and gentle! I’ve never had a cavity before but she put me at ease. Melissa went over the financials! I’m always hesitant about the pricing but she was super flexible And understanding and gave me a great payment plan!

Beautiful women holding bag in hand

Are you nervous to go to the dentist in Frisco, TX?

Don't worry, it won't hurt our feelings.

We have heard it all and we love treating all types of patients because once they experience Thrive they will never go anywhere else. 

We see you friend

Let us show you the Thrive Experience.

We have heard it all and we love treating all types of patients because once they experience Thrive they will never go anywhere else. 

Once you step into our dental office in Frisco, TX, you will instantly understand why we have so many raving fans.

We provide outstanding dental and orthodontic care at an affordable price. 

Whether you need a routine dental check-up, braces, Invisalign or a full set of dental crowns…we got you covered!

Dr. Nathan Coughlin And Dr. Christine
Smiling girl listening music on headphones

The thrive experience

Our team is here for you.

Imagine getting the dental work you need, obtaining the smile of your dreams, all while being in the comfort of a beautiful dental office.

Imagine all of this and knowing that the insurance specialists at Thrive have maximized your dental insurance benefits so you pay the least amount possible.

Excellence you can trust

Rest assured, you're in good hands.

Our dentists and orthodontists are trained to provide you with the highest care in Frisco, TX, and our insurance specialists will walk you through how great your PPO dental insurance is.

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